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oh my god I was waiting for a bus and there were these two fedora wearing clones stood nearby and I thought ‘wow they exist in real life’ and then twO MORE GOT OFF A BUS AND JOINED THEM AND THEY ALL LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME AND I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND

It’s like the matrix glitched.

i can’t stop laughing

okay thats real funny and all but why would did you decide to photograph a group of strangers without their permission just to upload their picture onto the internet and make them the punchline of some half-assed joke. dont you think thats even more shitty than their taste in hats or w/e

i’m 98% sure these are young orthodox jews you FUCKING JACKASSES

I was waiting for someone to make the obvious connection.

The ACA, a letter to the right.

I understand that the right is frustrated with the ACA. I understand that it scares people from the right with what it is planning to implement. However, we on the left feel like we are not getting any sort of dialogue from the right about how to improve the bill only that it is to be removed? You claim to be a party that protects the rights of the people as long as that doesn’t mean against a corporation. The healthcare costs in this country stagger that of any other country in the world, yet we only have a rank in healthcare in the mid-30’s. So if you on the right have a problem with this, want to see change, create a plan of what we can do to solve the problem instead of just throwing up your hands and calling us all socialists who are trying to ruin this country. You are getting no where and your argument makes your party look outdated and ignorant.

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